• Switzerland - in the mountains

    The Building Walls - Breaking Walls project takes place in 4 mountain areas in Switzerland, in all 4 language regions. In the Jura on the French-German language border, in Ticino , above the picturesque village Mergoscia in Grisons in the Natural Park Biosphere and from 2021 in the French-speaking Switzerland in Bex.

    UPCOMING 2021:

    • BWBW Jura : June 6-13

    • BWBW Romandie : 15.-22. August

    • BWBW Grischun : August 29th -
      5th September

    • BWBW Ticino : October 24th - 31st




  • Ireland - in the ocean

    Cape Clear Island is a small island in the far west of Ireland - a 90-minute ferry ride from the mainland. A place full of Irish tradition and culture - and with many old farm stone walls.





    UPCOMING 2021:







  • Israel - in the desert

    Kibbutz Lotan is located deep in the south of Israel , in the Arava Desert. In this dry and hot climate, a sustainable community is building natural and ecological domes and houses from clay and sand bricks.




    UPCOMING 2021:

    • BWBW Israel : 3.-10. October







Building Walls - Breaking Walls


A youth exchange in three countries: intercultural encounter, cultural heritage and nature experience

"Building Walls - Breaking Walls" is a youth exchange between young people from Switzerland, Israel, Palestine and Ireland / Northern Ireland. For a week, they work together on a traditional dry stone wall. At the same time, they experience each other's culture through discussions, outdoor activities and cooking together. The project is about walls between cultures - and how we can overcome them.

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