Online exchange

Interculturality at home!


Has Corona messed up your travel plans? Are you interested in an exchange with other cultures and would you like to bring a spark of interculturality into your home?

Then we have the perfect solution for you: Building Walls - Breaking Walls online Edition!


Why is?

In this project, young people or young adults from Israel, Palestine, Ireland and Switzerland meet and discuss cultural, religious and political walls and tear them down together. But also completely «normal» everyday topics are discussed together and the corona pandemic and its effects on the different countries and you individually. You can expect an interactive and varied program, which differs from everyday school life, and above all the chance to get to know young people from all over the world.


Project goals

  • Development of new forms of intercultural exchange (reaction to the current situation of the climate debate and the corona pandemic)

  • The participants of the 4 countries get to know each other via these online formats and thus have the opportunity to prepare for a future physical exchange or to experience an online alternative.

  • During the project, the participants learn to reflect on their own and foreign cultures, find common ground and encounter differences with tolerance and openness


Project cycles

Building Walls - Breaking Walls online Edition 1:

November 27, 2020, December 4, 2020 and December 11, 2020


Building Walls - Breaking Walls online Edition 2:

February 5, 2021, February 12, 2021 and January 19, 2021


Building Walls - Breaking Walls online Edition 3:

March 5, 2021, March 12, 2021, March 19, 2021


Building Walls - Breaking Walls online Edition 4:

April 16, 2021, April 23, 2021, April 30, 2021


Requirements for participation

Everyone who is interested in the exchange should be able to participate. The only requirements are knowledge of English in order to participate in the discussions (does not have to be error-free at all), a laptop, WiFi and zoom. If it is not possible to participate due to material obstacles, we are happy to look for solutions together.


Have we sparked your interest? Do you need more information about the project or our association?
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